A trusted brand...

King Avocado

King Avocado is one of Australasia’s most recognised and trusted fruit brands.
All of our fruit is grown in NZ’s Far North. Our orchard is set on 160 hectares and encompasses over 95,000 trees making us the largest avocado grower in New Zealand.
Our warm climate and pure water, which comes from an aquifer 140m below the ground, combine to produce ideal growing conditions and result in a recognisably better quality fruit.

After the fruit is harvested by our experienced pickers, it is sent a short distance to Kerikeri where it is carefully sorted, packed and cool stored for a short period before being sent directly to store.
Sourcing from just one orchard and managing every step of the process ensures that we deliver consistently excellent produce. Our customers can trust that if it carries the King Avocado label it is really is the best fruit on the market.
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